'Meet Your Tooth Fairy' Movie

Airlie, a 10 year old Earthie girl has a popular vlog about everything Tooth Fairy. She’s always dreamed of meeting her Tooth Fairy Twinkle – in person! One magical night when her Tooth Fairy comes to her room, that dream becomes a reality! Airlie gets more than she bargained for when she follows Twinkle back to Real Fairyland. Airlie discovers she has magic powers of her own and needs the Real Tooth Fairies’ help to control them. It’s decided that she’ll attend Fairyversity by day and return to Earth at night – her vlog was never this exciting! Her unruly magic powers land her in one hilarious mishap after another with her new Elff and Fairy friends. Not everyone is happy about this Earth girl in Real Fairyland – the Gloom Shadows will try anything to get her expelled from Real Fairyland. When Airlie faces off with the school’s mean girl Bree, who’s a master of disguises and secretly aids the Gloom Shadows, Airlie finds a power within that goes beyond fairy magic. Will Airlie and the Real Tooth Fairies prevail? Everyone who ever looked under their pillow will be captivated by Airlie’s magical adventures as she discovers who she is and finds her destiny in this real Tooth Fairy world. SEE PREVIEW

A Surprise Doll for your Child

Go on a magical Treasure Hunt to find your Tooth Fairy Surprise! It's so exciting to have your Tooth Fairy come to your room. Put your lost tooth inside the official Tooth Fairy Surprise Box and push the button on the box that says TOOTH FAIRY, COME TONIGHT. You'll hear an answer back! When you wake up in the morning, your Tooth Fairy Surprise box be will hidden in your home by the Tooth Fairy!